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“Leading Dentists Portugal” membership

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Nova Dentismed is a member of the “Leading Dentists Portugal” group of Dental Clinics, made up of independent clinics located in the various regions of the country, which are guided by levels of Ambition and Quality in the provision of dental health care. This makes them a reference in the respective regions in which they operate.

For more information about Leading Dentists Portugal, click here.

Nova Dentismed elected 1 of the 10 best Dental Clinics in Portugal

raphic image of dentalpro award best dental clinic 2017

Promoted by DENTALPRO, a magazine aimed at professionals in the Dental Medicine sector, "the awards are an initiative that aims to honor and distinguish the excellent work of Portuguese dentists and, at the same time, promote greater communication and interaction between the various agents in the sector ”.

Photography of Nova Dentismed directors receive the dentalpro award.

The evaluation criteria, according to the organization, were as follows:

  • Human Innovation

Clinics that strive to ensure the provision of the best Oral Health care within their reach; guarantee the provision of manifestly adequate medical-dental acts; ensure the best possible conditions for each patient.


  • Current Management

Clinics with a good quality management system; Meeting deadlines;

Speed in problem solving; good communication and assertiveness.

  • Environment and Dissemination

Clinics that present a healthy and aesthetically pleasing environment; are open to scrutiny of their activity and respect the principles of correctness, identifiability and veracity, with respect for the rights of all elements of the value chain.

  • Adequate Service

Clinics that excel in dealing with their patients; that encourage their employees to attend training courses on an ongoing basis; who work with professionalism, politeness and careful presentation, appropriate to the region where they are located.

We dedicate this Award to all our patients who every day encourage us to provide high quality Dental Medicine services, now recognized as one of the best in Portugal.

Thank you all!

For more information about the DentalPro Awards, click here.

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