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Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a treatment that results in whiter and brighter teeth. It consists of the application of a whitening agent that, when in contact with the surface of the tooth, penetrates its layers and causes its discoloration, that is, its whitening.

This product is also composed of other substances that will help protect the tooth, increasing resistance to dirt and bacterial attacks (causing dental caries).

Fotografia de rosto de mulher a sorrir, sorriso branco e brilhante.

Types of teeth whitening

As dental pigmentations can have several causes, there are fundamentally two types of tooth whitening: External and Internal.


  • External Tooth Whitening: It can be performed in the clinic, by the dentist or at home through a tray where the patient introduces the whitening gel.

  • Internal Tooth Whitening: This type of tooth whitening is only performed in the clinic on teeth that have a different color than the others, due to trauma or root canal treatment. The whitening agent is infiltrated into the tooth by the dentist, which will allow its internal whitening in several sessions.

Plano muito aproximado de um sorriso dividido ao centro, mostrando à esquerda o antes e à direita o após branqueamento dentário.

Who can do this?

Tooth whitening is applicable to all people who do not have tooth decay, with a few exceptions. There are cases in which it is not recommended, such as in pregnant or breastfeeding women, and an evaluation consultation is always necessary.

If you've always wanted to have your teeth whiter, book your appointment at one of our Nova Dentismed clinics.

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