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Odontopediatrics or Pediatric Dentistry is a specialty of Dentistry aimed at the care of children, usually up to 12 years of age.

Consultation is given by the Pediatric Dentist, a dentist whose specialty is the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases in children and adolescents, monitoring the eruption of deciduous teeth, the so-called "milk teeth", until their transition to the definitive dentition. In this way, it is possible to detect any problems that arise early, avoiding further interventions and ensuring a healthy dentition.

Fotografia de criança a escovar os dentes.

It is important to understand that oral health problems can arise even in babies, so as soon as the first tooth comes in, an evaluation should be carried out by the pediatric dentist.

This first pediatric dentistry consultation will serve, on the one hand, for the pediatric dentist to make a diagnosis of the child's oral health, detecting possible dental pathologies and, on the other hand, to inform parents or guardians which oral health care is most suitable.

This consultation will also help the child , from an early age, to get used to going to the dentist, avoiding the usual fears and anxieties and to be motivated by adults to develop eating habits and daily hygiene that promote his or her Oral Health.

Fotografia de um bébé embrulhado numa toalha de banho, com uma escova de dentes pequena na mão.

In pediatric dentistry consultations, topical application of fluor and fissure sealants is common, with the objective of preventing dental caries, however, each case is evaluated by the pediatric dentist.

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