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Our procedures to ensure a high level of safety during the Covid-19 Pandemic

In the current context of the pandemic, our priority continues to be the provision of a High Quality Dental Medicine service associated with a guarantee of maximum protection and comfort to our patients.

In this sense, we have reinforced and refined our usual safety and protection procedures and introduced some others, adjusted to the new reality. Highlights:


  • We maintain the approach and philosophy of a family and personalized clinic, with careful attention to details that can make all the difference in terms of protection.


  • We maintain a personalized and timely service, tailored to individual patients, in order to limit the maximum presence in the waiting room of one or two people, thus ensuring the recommended social distance.


  • All of our consultation and treatment clinics have generous areas, as well as windows with direct access to the outside, allowing us to have a total and rapid renewal of air between, and even during, consultations.

  • In addition to the natural and constant renewal of the air in all the clinical rooms, we tried to eliminate potential points of contact, removing magazines, books and water dispenser from the waiting rooms, and we regularly disinfected possible points of contact.


  • All Nova Dentismed staff are properly protected and committed to a discipline of protective care (for themselves and others), which includes the use of visor, mask, cap, gloves and appropriate clothing, cleaned and disinfected regularly.


  • All Nova Dentismed staff follow protection disciplines in their equally demanding private lives, in order to guarantee good health, for themselves and for everyone around them.


  • We also rely heavily on the collaboration of all our patients, yours in particular, to help us maintain a controlled and protected environment in our clinics. In this regard, we ask you to:


  1. Wash or disinfect your hands and put on the shoe protection we provide you upon arrival at the clinic;

  2. Come with a mask on your face and remove only during the time of your treatments;

  3. Use the protective eyewear which will be provided to you at the clinic, during your treatments;

  4. Keep the social distances recommended by health authorities;

  5. Reduce your companions to a indispensible minimum;

  6. Collaborate in other procedures that, according to your particular situation, we may ask you to do.​


Naturally, we insist on maintaining our usual friendliness and warmth in service, despite all the demands of the moment, and we hope to count also on your understanding and cooperation in this regard.


We are sure that together we will be able to overcome successfully this very demanding episode that obliges us all to share responsibilities and to take an active role.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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