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Team of Specialist Implantologists

We are focused on an integrated and personalized rehabilitation of your smile, guaranteeing you total comfort, at competitive prices.


Candidates for placement of dental implants

Because the science has progressed, this solution can be available to all candidates, however, there are determining factors for its success that are always carefully evaluated by the dentist specialised in implantology.

As it is a simple process, but quite delicate, you should always book your evaluation and diagnosis appointment in order to know the state of your Oral Health and understand if you are in fact a good candidate for the placement of a dental implant.

Our Implantology solutions

Total Rehabilitation on "All-on-4" Dental Implants

This procedure is used when there is a need to replace all the teeth in an arch, usually through a prosthesis fixed on 4 or 6 dental implants.  

Duas pessoas olham uma para a outra a sorrir.
Mulher abraça homem por trás, ambos estão a sorrir.

Bridge over Dental Implants

In cases where several consecutive teeth are missing, but there are still natural teeth in good condition, you may choose to place 2 implants, on which a ceramic bridge is fitted, leaving the middle crown(s) supported on the gum.

Single Dental Implant

When there is loss or absence of only one tooth, the solution may be to place a single implant that will replace the missing tooth.

Rapaz a sorrir com a cabeça pousada sobre a mão.
Pessoa sentada a rir com uma maçã verde na mão.

Dental Implants in 1 day

After placing the implants, if there is no contraindication, a crown or provisional prosthesis can be placed on the same day – this is what we call "immediate loading".

Removable Prosthesis on Dental Implants - Overdenture

Unlike traditional "dentures" that are fully supported on the gum and/or the remaining natural teeth, this solution allows you to fix the prosthesis on dental implants, increasing their stability and comfort.

Pessoa a sorrir para a fotografia, com o queixo pousado na mão.

Procedure for placing dental implants

Médica dentista mostra à paciente a sua ortopantomografia, no monitor do computador.

1. Assessment and diagnosis consultation

In this consultation, the dentist responsible will, using one or several radiographic exams, assess your oral health and analyze bone availability, among other factors, for the placement of dental implants. After collecting information, the treatment plan will be presented, with all necessary clarification in terms of procedures, duration of intervention, type of dental implant and type of prosthesis.


Our dental implants

At Nova Dentismed, we always choose to use implant brands that are highly rated in the market due to their superior quality, such as MegaGen, Biomet 3i or Straumann, with whom we have worked for several years.

The choice will be made by the specialist doctor, depending on study and planning of the clinical case, in order to obtain the best possible result in functional, aesthetic terms and also to satisfy fully our patient's expectations.

Various dental implants of different sizes and colors.
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