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Médico dentista aponta para dente da paciente que está deitada na cadeira de dentista.

Oral Hygiene

It is one of the most important aspects for Oral Health and Aesthetics. In addition to the daily hygiene care, advisable for each specific case, it is recommended to visit the dentist or oral hygienist, at least twice a year, to be screened for dental caries and other diseases and to carry out a “dental cleaning”, through which plaque and tartar are removed and a fluoride-based tooth protection treatment is carried out.

Treatments performed at the Oral Hygiene consultation


Scaling is a procedure that consists of removing plaque and tartar through an ultrasound device, cleaning your teeth and acting preventively against various oral problems.


Fluoride Application

In order to reduce the risk of tooth decay and tooth sensitivity, fluoride is applied in a high concentration gel, in a special tray, for a few minutes. This substance helps to remineralize tooth enamel, making it more resistant.


Fissure Sealants

The application of fissure sealants is another method of preventing dental caries in which a resin is applied to the occlusal surface of the teeth that will harden through the incidence of blue LED light. This procedure is similar to a simple application of varnish, completely painless.

Sorriso aberto branco e brilhante

Benefits of a regular oral hygiene appointment

1. Healthier teeth and gums:

  • by the removal of tartar and bacterial plaque, responsible for the most significant diseases of the gums and teeth, through scaling.

  • by the early detection of possible cavities and problems in the gums, with the consequent correction.

  • by regular treatments to protect and revitalize teeth and gums.

2. Whiter and Brighter Teeth:

  • clean and healthy teeth, have a better aesthetic appearance and a positive impact of confidence in oneself and in others.

3. Maintenance of treatments performed:

  • for the evaluation of restorations, implants, crowns, bridges, dental appliances, early detection of any change or problem.

4. An excellent investment:

  • due to its low cost and the prevention of expensive problems in the future, this treatment is undoubtedly an excellent investment, in addition to the health, well-being and aesthetic impact it promotes.

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