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Close-up de tabuleiro de dentista com alguns utensílios de dentisteria e dentes em porcelana.


Dentistry is the branch of Dental Medicine, specialized in the restoration of teeth and dental aesthetics, using various materials and techniques and covering the most common and frequent treatments.

In addition to its role in the diagnosis and recovery of teeth with caries, Dentistry has an important role in the prevention, maintenance and promotion of Oral Health.

Going to the dentist only when there is pain, or na already advanced state of infection and dental deterioration, almost always results in irreparable losses and in Endodontic interventions.

These losses, although remediable, normally require the use of more expensive and less comfortable solutions than solutions based on the restoration of the original natural teeth.

Most common treatments

Teeth whitening

With several alternatives ranging from cleaning, whitening and direct protection of teeth, to the use of resin or porcelain veneers, guaranteeing you white and shiny teeth.

Close-up of a bright white smile.
Photograph of a dental mirror inside the patient's mouth, which reflects a restoration of a tooth in the upper arch.

Teeth restoration

The recovery of damaged teeth using different materials and solutions, ensuring high durability and greater comfort and aesthetic quality. It is also advisable to replace old “lead fillings”, with composites, the color of your natural teeth.

Teeth sculpting

Teeth sculpting - using various resins, also used in teeth recovery, it is possible to give your teeth the desired shape, with safety and comfort.

Close-up of a white, straight smile, with a dental mirror next to the mouth.
pivots, implants and crowns

Teeth replacement

Using pivots, implants and crowns, dental bridges, in different types of materials, according to the best solution for each case, it is possible to replace lost teeth, with great comfort and aesthetic and functional satisfaction.

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