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Médica dentista com óculos com lupas, a observar paciente.
With more than 20 years of experience and recognized technical skills, we base our organization and performance on 3 main principles:

High medical competence

1. We favor your natural teeth

Prevention is our philosophy. Therefore, whenever possible, we protect and maintain your natural teeth, using the most appropriate solutions for each case.


2. Experienced medical team

All our doctors have high technical and human competence, the result of their technical knowledge and vast experience. Our demanding training and performance monitoring policy also contributes to this, guaranteeing the provision of an excellent medical service. Our doctors are structured in teams, according to their specializations, which allows us to cover all areas of Dentistry.

3. Personalized service

Your opinion is very important to us. Therefore, we have a demanding Quality Management System, which ensures a sincere and professional dialogue with all our patients.

4. Use of the most advanced techniques and dental equipment

We put at your disposal the most recent and tested dental techniques and equipment, which allows us to guarantee you the best solutions.

Recepcionista a receber paciente com um sorriso.

Personalized service

1.  Individualized Solutions and Permanent Dialogue

Each patient is a specific case and deserves our full attention and our best performance. In constant dialogue, we plan and execute all agreed services and interventions.

2. Patient Management System

Our size allows us to know and maintain an individualized relationship with all our patients. However, in order to ensure adequate quality in our relationship, we rely on an elaborate Patient File Management System.

3. Punctuality

We know that time is as important to us as it is to those who visit us. With us, you only need to spend the time that is really essential for your treatments. If you are unable to come on time or for your appointment, please let us know in advance so that we can manage our resources well.

4. Convenient Location

Our clinics are centrally located, with easy and convenient access. Look here.

5. Welcoming and Functional Clinics

We create a pleasant and welcoming environment, designed for our customers, and their aesthetic and functional requirements.


Affordable prices

1. Competitive Prices and Quality/Price Ratio

We optimize our costs and the size of our clinics, to guarantee a good quality/price ratio. We have several agreements, which make your investments in Oral Health very affordable.

2. Customized Financial Solutions

We offer financial soutions tailored to each case, to help our patients find the best payment program for their particular case.

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