With over 20 years of experience in the market and recognized technical skills, we have built our organization and practice upon 3 important basic principles:


1. A Work Philosophy that Favours Prevention

We favour those solutions which best protect and maintain your own natural teeth. We do not seek the most expensive or technical solutions, but rather those which preserve the comfort, functionality and natural beauty of your teeth.

2. Quality System

A demanding Quality Management System regulates our work and ensures standards of care and technical competence are maintained, while sustaining a fluid dialogue with our patients, in which their voice is very important. 

3. Team of Dentists with recognized experience

Our dentists all have a high level of technical and personal skills, built upon their solid technical expertise, successful specialized practice and experience spanning several years. We use demanding quality standards for recruitment, training and performance monitoring, which in itself guarantees the provision of the highest level of medical services. We have specialized dentists covering all areas of dentistry, aimed at both children and adults.

4. State-of-the-Art Advanced Dental Techniques and Equipment

We have the latest tried and tested dental techniques and equipment, which means we can guarantee better solutions, particularly given all the technological and technical advances made in this sector over recent years.


1. Individualized Solutions and Constant Dialogue

Each patient, as a specific case, deserves our full attention and our best. We plan and provide all agreed services and treatments through a process of constant dialogue.

2. Patient Management System

Our size means that we can really get to know our patients and maintain individualized relationships with them. However, in order to ensure the quality of our relationships, we are supported by a Patient File Management System.

3. Punctuality

We know that time is as important to us as it is to those who visit us. Therefore, the only time you need to give up is that needed for the treatments themselves. If you cannot be here on time, or if you cannot keep the appointment, please let us know in advance so that we can maintain the good management of our schedules.

4. Convenient Location

We try to position our clinics in central locations, for ease of access and convenience.

5. Welcoming and Efficient Clinics

We create a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere keeping the aesthetic and functional demands of our clients in mind.


1. Competitive Prices in terms of Value for Money

We have optimized our costs and the size of our clinics in order to guarantee you good value for money.
We have several agreements which make your investments in oral health easier to swallow.

2. Personalized Finance Solutions

We offer finance solutions tailored to each case, helping our patients find the best payment solution for their particular case. We offer various credit solutions.


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Monday to Friday from 9h00 to 20h00


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