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Médica dentista a usar o microscópio dentário para endodontia.


This is a specialty of Dentistry that aims at the recovery of teeth in an advanced state of deterioration, in which the pulp or nerve is already affected, giving rise to toothaches, sometimes of great intensity.

In these cases, the pulp is removed and the root canals cleaned, then filled with inert and sealing material. This operation, commonly known as “devitalization”, is only performed when all other possibilities for recovering the tooth have been exhausted.

How is it performed?

At Nova Dentismed we use a dental microscope, an essential tool in the most complex endodontic treatments, allowing the visualization, diagnosis and treatment of our patients in a more complete way, which results in higher quality of care and treatment and ensuring greater comfort.


A tooth that has undergone root canal treatment can last for decades or even a lifetime, as long as it is properly treated and cared for.

When is it necessary?

The most typical situations in which a tooth root canal is used are:


  • Extensive caries that already causes toothache;

  • Tooth destroyed by decay and requiring reconstruction;

  • When there is a need to place a fixed dental crown to replace a fractured restoration.

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