Transparent Dental Braces - Invisible Orthodontics (Invisalign)

These transparent braces are transparent, removable sets of aligners (trays), being a more comfortable solution not only  aesthetically but functionally as well.  


They are used for the majority of orthodontic cases and have a an average duration of about 12 months, with monthly follow-up appointments.


These are usually preferred by adults, given their professional and social constraints.


Traditional Fixed Metal Braces

The traditional fixed metal braces consist of metal arches and brackets, which through directed forces, allow changes on teeth position.


They last approximately 18 to 24 months (it varies from case to case), with monthly appointments to adjust braces and change elastics.

Their main advantages are not only the efficiency in the obtained results but also its lower cost when compared to other options. Their disadvantages are the metal appearance and some exposure to lip and cheek injuries in an early stage.


Removable Braces

This type of braces is generally used in children up to 12 years old or as a final complement to fixed orthodontic treatment in order to maintain the  achieved results.

They consist of an acrylic or plastic and metal base that fit on teeth. They are removable, meaning they can be removed for meals and for daily oral hygiene.

The duration of treatment depends on your goal and teeth needed changes.


Lingual Braces

In this case, the fixed dental brace is placed inside your teeth, being invisible externally and contributing for the reduction of lip injuries.

The main disadvantages of this type of brace are the difficulty to clean teeth, the language impact during the adaptation period and also its cost.

The treatment duration is similar to that of traditional fixed braces as it needs the same maintenance appointments.


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