Who can have orthodontic treatment?

Both children and adults can generally have orthodontic treatment, with total safety and guaranteed effectiveness. However, you will always need to have an assessment appointment so that a clinical diagnosis can be made and the most suitable solution for your case can be found.

At Nova Dentismed, our solutions are always personalized in line with the needs of each patient. They are always presented by your regular dentist, although they may involve the whole team and sometimes also practitioners of other specialities.

Incorrect dental position can cause difficulties in chewing, speaking and tooth hygiene, encourage dental caries and lead to gum inflammation, among other things. There are various clinical situations that require the intervention of a dentist:

Problems of incorrect tooth position



  • Mandibular prognathism

The lower jaw protrudes forward and the lower teeth extend beyond the upper teeth.

  • Mandibular retrognathism

The lower jaw is set back, creating a space between the dental arches and

causing the upper anterior teeth to protrude forward.

  • Labially erupted canines

Teeth which project towards the lip because they have not erupted in the correct position.

  • Cross bite

The teeth in the lower dental arch bite outside the upper teeth.

  • Open bite

The upper anterior (front) teeth do not come into contact with the lower anterior teeth,

leaving an open space between them.

  • Crowding of teeth

Teeth that are not aligned in the dental arch.

  • Diastemata

Spaces between the teeth.

Types of orthodontic braces

There are now a wide range of solutions available to meet your needs and requirements in terms of results and comfort.

Aesthetic brace

- Ceramic

- Invisalign

- Lingual Orthodontic

Fixed metal brace

- With elastic bands

- Self-ligating

The Nova Dentismed Orthodontic Centre offers a range of human and technical resources required for the speciality of Orthodontics and its main objectives are the following:

- To ensure a high standard of clinical practice at the Nova Dentismed clinics in the provision of orthodontic dental services, based on:

     - A high treatment success rate.

     - A high standard of dental knowledge and practice.

     - Personalized and quality service.

- To encourage the development of the speciality of orthodontics by:

     - Providing greater clarification and information on the various solutions currently available and the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

     - Offering quality services at competitive prices, making treatment accessible to most patients.

The team at the Nova Dentismed Orthodontic Centre includes Dentists, Oral Hygienists and Dental Assistants, all of whom are qualified and dedicated to providing you with high quality service and treatment. The team of dentists is made up of:

  • Dra. Inês Coimbra

  • Dra. Alexandra Sá e Melo

  • Dra. Ana Sofia Soares


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