"All-on-4" Dental Implant Total Rehabilitation

This procedure is used when there is the need to replace all teeth in an arch through a fixed denture on 4 or 6 dental implants.

By placing such a small number of dental implants, it is possible to replace a range of 12 teeth by jaw, resulting in a faster and less invasive procedure.


The fixed implant prosthesis can be made in various materials and has inside a metal bar with 4 or 6 holes where the dental implants are screwed, offering a lot of stability and bringing aesthetic and functional improvements.


Teeth in a day

After the implants' surgery, if there is no indication against, a crown or provisional prosthesis may be placed on the same day - this is what we call the "immediate loading".

This solution emerged with the aim of providing greater comfort to patients, not only functionally but also aesthetically, allowing the patient to leave the clinic already with "teeth" and with a solution very close to the final result of treatment.


After the recovery period in which the implant attaches to the bone (osteointegration), usually after 3 to 8 months, the definitive crown / prosthesis can be placed.


Implant - supported Overdenture

Unlike traditional “dentures” that are supported completely by gums and/or natural teeth, this solution allows you to fix the denture in dental implants, increasing its stability and comfort.

At Overdenture, implants work with an O'ring retention system, which retains the prosthesis in the mouth through rubber rings. The rings will connect the prosthesis to the implant with a male-female system in which the prosthesis fits like a spring, allowing their removal whenever necessary.

Because it is a simpler and less expensive solution, it is frequently a solution chosen by patients that already use dental prosthesis but that look for a more comfortable and efficient solution.


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